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Jan 29, 2013 8:00pm PST
. jamie dewolf joins us in san francisco. he's self described writer and art. your father has a falling out with the church of scientology what happens next. >> we was actually one of the top members of the church in the early part of its era. even in the movie called "the master" they have a character based off him. he was the number two guys for a while. there was a huge falling out. he was watching his father becoming more and more unhinged, and then he left to divorce himself and get completely away from this entire monster that has dad was creating. near the end of his life he actually started to fight back. he ended up battling his dad who shared his name, pretty much until his death. it devoured both of them in the end. >> cenk: a lot of people talk about when you leave the church that they intimidate you and i know you talk about that. how? what do they do to your grandfather? and when you left the church what did they do to you? >> for them it was two decades of non-stop harassment. each of down aunts and uncles are born in different cities because they were constantly on the r
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1